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ZRC INTERNATIONAL TRUST INC. (the “Company” or “ZRC Trust”) is a full-fledged licensed Labuan Trust Company established pursuant to Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act, 2010. Since its first establishment until today the Company has showed a significant improvement in terms of client portfolio and business development. The Company has experienced a substantial growth and has rapidly expanded throughout the years. Driven by the professionalism, competence and commitment of the management team and the staff, to secure an important position locally and internationally. ZRC Trust has projected itself as the specialist and professional boutique company specializing in tailor made solutions and bespoke services work with an emphasis on corporate services, wealth management, private funds, Sharia based services, capital markets, corporate finance, wealth management and various areas of practice where the Company has an extraordinary track record.


Being a specialized boutique and niche service provider, the Company has rather small team comprising of highly qualified and seasoned practitioner with substantial experience in the areas of practice in which they specialize. The Company has the flexible personal characteristics of a local firm, together with the specific expertise, worldwide network and strength of the large-scale global players. In these rapid changing, fast moving times we are living, Companies and businessmen need a quick and direct access to professional assistance in order to obtain comprehensive and practical solutions. The Company has a sincere and friendly approach to best understand and meet the client needs in a professional and discreet manner. The Company clients range from small businesses to large public Companies in various fields of industry, both onshore and offshore. Whatever the size of the Company we show the same respect and attention to its needs. It has been the Company strategy through the years to grow, in providing comprehensive services and the Company accomplished such. Under one roof, Client is served in all aspects of business: legal/corporate, financial, auditing, business, tax, management and wealth management. Self-driven specialized companies were formed, each a leader in its own area - small and flexible. Overall we provide integrated, complete and innovative solutions.


The company offers a comprehensive range of services to meet the most demanding requirements of today’s businessman in the current versatile and highly competitive business environment through: Integrated Solutions by providing in-house the full range of services needed for the efficient operation of the client’s business. Knowledge and expertise provided by the Company high caliber team, committed to work closely with clients and enable them to exceed their strategic goals. Prompt and high quality professional Services competently offered at an out of the box innovative approach. Meeting and maintaining service excellence is a fundamental part of the Company philosophy. The Company is dedicated to maintain the relationship and ensure the service we deliver is of the highest standard. At the heart of the Company success is a firm commitment to help the clients, professional intermediaries to achieve their goals which the Company do through building long-term and trusted relationships. Providing clients with excellent service is of paramount importance to the Company and to ensure the highest service standards are maintained. Combined with the technical knowledge, services innovation, legal heritage and drive of the Company experienced and fully qualified people, forms the backbone of the Company success.





Our main vision is to become the premier services providers, locally and internationally through our services in the most efficient effective and constructive manner, by striving for the best interest of our people and clients. This was achieved through our commitment to the core values, our integrity, the quality of service we provide to our clients and the investment in our people. As we grow and develop our vision is to continue to be the most trusted and preferred services provider of corporate, financial and fiduciary, both locally and internationally.





  • Full commitment to serving our clients

  • Dedicated and personalized services

  • To provide quality service to all clients at competitive and affordable prices

  • Continuous accessibility by the clients

  • Sound business advice to clients

  • To maintain the company integrity

  • Upholding client secrecy and confidentiality

  • Open and honest in all communications

  • To perform and act in highest professional and ethical standards

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