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Fund Services


ZRC International Trust Inc. team has substantial experience and a proven track record in administering both closed and open ended funds. We provide a number of different and specialised fund services. This includes mutual fund formation, fund administration, custodian services, fiduciary services and various ad hoc services depending on the requirements of the client and circumstances, conventional or Shariah compliant fund. We recognise the nature of each fund, and our teams work closely with each client to build a detailed understanding of the needs of their fund and investors. We always seek to understand the particular requirements of each fund before developing an administration solution to fit its precise specifications.


We have extensive experience in establishing funds and we work with our clients to make the process as smooth as possible. We can offer a wide range of fund services and support including but not limited to the following:


Mutual Fund Formation and Establishment


  • Comprehensive fund design and proposal

  • To provide advice on the guidelines, directives and circulars for the intended fund type

  • Preparation and application for licensing and/or approval of the funds

  • Setting up the fund entity as the fund vehicle

  • Drafting and vetting documentation such as prospectus, articles of incorporation, agreements and contracts

  • Setting-up systems and procedures to ensure processes are tailored to the fund

  • Filing of registration documentation with regulatory authorities

  • Drafting and vetting Compliance Manual and Anti-Money Laundering Manual

  • Legal review of all corporate and contractual documents

  • Arranging for appointment of Fund Manager, and Fund Administrator

  • Arranging  for appointment of auditor

  • Arranging for appointment of custodian and assistance with opening of bank account

  • Appointment of broker and assistance opening a brokerage account

  • Appointment of banker and assistance opening a bank account

  • Liaising with supervisory authorities and assistance in obtaining stock exchange listings

  • Domiciliation of management companies and organization of board meetings

  • Liaising with legal lawyers

  • Liaising with the fund promoter, auditors, bankers, brokers, custodians, depositories or placement agents

  • Arrangement for Stock Exchange Listing

  • Obtaining ISIN and CUSIP number 


Fund Custodian and Administration:


  • Preparation of articles and declaration of trust

  • Preparation of fund governance procedures including Code of Ethics, valuation procedures, clearing agencies, distribution policy

  • Preparation and facilitation of organizational board meetings and materials

  • Arranging for independent legal and audit firm search and selection

  • Arranging for financial statement preparation

  • Legal entity preparation and filings

  • Maintain fund activity and compliance calendar

  • Monitor fund budgets and expenses

  • Arranging for insurance coverage and bond requirements

  • Assisting in monitoring regulatory compliance

  • Offshore administration services

  • Arranging for full suite of bookkeeping and accountancy services

  • Arranging for preparation of interim and year-end financial statements

  • Liaising with auditors with regard to the annual audit

  • Arranging for payment of shareholder dividends

  • Arranging for placement of fixed deposits




For more information kindly contact us at for free initial consultation without any obligation. We are more than happy to help you in any way we can.

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