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Islamic Finance Services


Islamic finance constitutes one of the fastest growing markets and products in the global financial services industry. Eventhough still considered to be in its infancy stage compared with the global financial industry, Islamic finance industry strives to drive forward and out of the global financial crisis and continue to grow exponentially.


Labuan IBFC has become increasingly popular choice for Shariah compliant investments and the Islamic finance and banking sector. Labuan IBFC has made Shariah compliant offerings accessible as its laws permit the Islamic finance industry to operate freely within the jurisdiction.  With the introduction of solid regulatory framework has allowed Labuan IBFC to become a trusted jurisdiction for Shariah compliant market.


The Labuan Financial Services Authority has been active in putting into place a regulatory environment that is aimed at the attracting the Islamic finance industry. In 2010 it introduced the Labuan Islamic Financial Services and Securities does not only strengthen Labuan IBFC's value proposition of providing one-stop and seamless regulatory framework for Shariah compliant financial and business activities, but quite importantly, facilitating new ways of doing things. The Labuan IBFC has been successful in attracting a number of Islamic banks and Islamic banking windows. In 2010 alone, the total deposits with these institutions grew by 63% to US$1.3 billion.


Over the years Labuan IBFC has attracted many industry players to utilised Labuan as hub for the estbalishment of their Islamic financing structures mainly on the establishment and issuance of Sukuk, investment fund, Takaful and Retakaful, or financing vehicle such as Murabaha or other Shariah compliant products such as Musharaka, Istisna’a, Ijara, Wakala and Sukuk. 


At ZRC International Trust Inc. we have a team of practitioners who are knowledgeable on Shariah compliant offerings to comply with Shariah requirements. We provide a range of services and bespoke Islamic finance services areas of expertise include:


Consultation and professional advisory services on the establishment of Shariah compliant structures and offerings


Consultation and professional advisory services on the Shariah compliant asset finance, aviation, shipping, banking, corporate, investment funds, real estate, regulatory, and structured finance


Establishment and licensing of Shariah compliant entity such


Labuan Foundation

Labuan Trust

Labuan Limited Partnership and Limited Liability Partnership

Labuan Banking and Insurance 

Shariah compliant investment fund


Our team of professionals have a great deal of experience advising on Islamic Financing transactions - capital market sukuk, securitisations and bank debt financings and all types Shari’ah-compliant of funds .  We also advise on all types of syndicated and bilateral financing, including asset finance (aircraft and vessels), trade finance, restructuring, structured finance, property, projects and acquisition finance. We have experience across a wide range of Islamic products, including Murabaha, Musharaka, Istisna’a, Ijara, Wakala and Sukuk.




For more information kindly contact us at for free initial consultation without any obligation. We are more than happy to help you in any way we can.

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