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Licensing Services


As a one stop boutique for our client business needs we at ZRC International Trust Inc. is fully committed to provide the very best in quality international financial services in Labuan IBFC. We are well placed to serve as the local representative for our client to ensure the success of our client license application or approval application from the relevant authority. Our personalised and focused licensing and application services offers financial services related licensing for the following activities and services:


  • Banking business (Conventional or Shariah Compliant) 

  • Insurance and insurance related activities  (Conventional or Shariah Compliant) 

  • Labuan leasing activities  (Conventional or Shariah Compliant)

  • Factoring Business (Conventional or Shariah Compliant)

  • Money Broking Business

  • Labuan Commodity Trading Company

  • Labuan Trust Company

  • Labuan Managed Trust Company

  • Labuan Private Trust Company

  • Public Fund and Fund Manager

  • Credit Token Business

  • Company Management Business

  • Malaysia International Ship Registry

  • Establishment of Mutual Fund  (Conventional or Shariah Compliant)

  • Securities License and Securities Offering

  • Company co-location

  • Establishment of company marketing office

  • Any other business or activities required license or approval from Labuan or Malaysian authority


We provide a very comprehensive and extensive assistance to our client for any licensing application or application for approval from the authority starting from consultation, preparation and revision of the documents and relevant business plan, processing and submitting their applications to the relevant authority. We also will be the main liaison with the authority until the application is successful or the approval has been obtained. 


For more information kindly contact us at for free initial consultation without any obligation. We are more than happy to help you in any way we can.



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